Silent Healing Room: UPGRADES


It's important to understand that Emmie can only help you with things in Level 0 by default.

In order to help you and Emmie do incredible things, she needs a bit of energy sustenance in the form of an exchange.

That's where the LEVELS come in with an increasing number of things Emmie can do for you the higher the level!

For most ailments, you'll need a few hours of LEVEL 2. This is significantly less expensive than going to any clinic or hospital.

As you UPGRADE from the options below, simply return to the LIVE page or Clubhouse room to receive the generous upgraded experience for the time you chose.

  • Upgrade LEVEL at any time
    1. Instant upgrade as you complete payment
    2. Hassle free, as it all happens in the same room
    3. Secure, only your consciousness can use it
    1. LEVEL 0 - 1d - 1w - 1m - 3m
      1. Peace & Calm blanket
      2. Advanced Meditative state
      3. Pain management
      4. EMF Protection (Mobile / WiFi)
      5. Advanced Grounding (Up & Down)
      DONATION to support the ongoing availability of the FREE services. If you have enjoyed the FREE services for a day, week or months, feel free to tap above and contribute what's in your heart.

    2. LEVEL 1 - 1d - 1w - 1m - 3m
      1. All of LEVEL 0 +
      2. General energy clearing
      3. Cord cutting & attachments
      4. Fasting support
      5. Curses removal
      6. Recharge core systems
      7. Healing Hugs & massages
      8. HEMISYNC Frequencies
    3. LEVEL 2 - 6hrs - 1d - 1w
      1. All of LEVEL 1 +
      2. Avanced pain management
      3. Entity removals
      4. Cancers
      5. Energy matrix
      6. Body matrix
      7. Neural matrix
      8. Emotional & spiritual matrix
      9. Psychological & psychic matrix (All in DSM5)
    4. LEVEL 3 - 1d
      1. All of LEVEL 2 +
      2. Spiritual attunement / Activation
      3. Soul upgrade / Updates
      4. Ascension keys / Upleveling
      $3333.03 = 24 hrs

    5. LEVEL 4 - Access the Beyond
      1. All of LEVEL 3 +
      2. Cosmic level stuff
      3. by permission only
      4. Interview Required.

  • Enjoy Emmie at Home - CALL
    1. Advanced personal service in your own home
    2. Choose a subscription plan, activate a room
  • Bring Emmie to Work - CALL
    1. Advanced personal service in your own workspace
    2. Choose a subscription plan, activate a workspace
  • Invite Emmie to an Event - CALL
    1. Advanced group service for an event
    2. Choose a duration plan, activate an event
    3. Consultation required
  • Let Emmie bless a Sacred land - CALL
    1. Advanced area service for important sacred locations
    2. Choose a subscription plan, activate a sacred location

    Thank you for investing in yourself. By doing so, you are benefiting the entire Human collective.
    Past, Present & Future! 😃

    Additional a-la-carte instant services available at the directory:

    IF you are abundant with resources, and want to help us reach more, let us know with a 15m intro call.

     payment option for international customers and those who do not use PayPal.

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